Wealth Wave

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But wealth does grow in waves. Sometimes they’re giant tsunamis that can change the world as we know it. More often, they’re megatrends that most investors underestimate till it’s too late: The electric-vehicle revolution. The digital transformation. The rise of “Modern Monetary Theory.” The return of double-digit inflation. And many more.


Here’s how to make the best of the move higher in gold and gold miners.
There may be a golden opportunity to capitalize on shifting sentiment.
OPEC+ just cut its forecast for 2022 oil demand growth for the 5th time since April.
Something wild is happening in the markets right now — a massive change in trend.
Gold ended last week 1.9% higher, and gold miners soared as well. Is this a rally you can buy?
The Fed just hiked interest rates another 75 basis points, marking the fourth consecutive increase of the same magnitude, and bringing the benchmark interest rate to its highest level since 2008.
Weed stocks could race much higher. These three charts and a hot tip show you the potential winners.
Gold and silver have been held down for too long. When the move higher comes, it could be explosive, so make sure you’re ready.
Along with long-term cyclical forces, there are three main forces that are powering up silver.
It’s no secret that interest rates are up, and you probably noticed if you’re looking to borrow for a home, car or anything else.

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