4 Ways to Spot a Superstar NFT

by Jurica Dujmovic
By Jurica Dujmovic

The non-fungible token landscape has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, successes and setbacks that have captured our attention and served as cautionary tales.

Now, when it comes to investing, it can be incredibly beneficial to analyze the past and learn from our mistakes to make smarter decisions in the future. In the process, we can discover what exactly makes an NFT project truly valuable.

By reflecting on projects I’ve covered in my NFT Wealth Builder service, I noticed that the essence of NFTs are not just in their digital representation … but rather in the conversations they spark.

After all, the value and momentum of NFTs are often propelled by the online customs they inspire and the communities that form around them.

On that note, here are four markers of NFT culture that every solid project has elements of:

  1. Community as a cornerstone. In the world of NFTs, it's the people behind the tokens — the creators, collectors and curious onlookers — who breathe life into each project.
  2. Decentralized but unified. NFT projects often emphasize the potential to appreciate an entire collection, rather than just the individual pieces.
  3. Learning from the lows. Setbacks are bound to happen. The fact that NFTs are pushing the limits of what current technology is capable of makes this even more true. But a good project will learn from its struggles and setbacks to build a stronger future.
  4. The evolving narrative. The NFT space, like any evolving field, is in a constant state of flux. New projects emerge, trends shift and the discourse adapts. And any promising project will strive to continuously innovate to keep up with these shifts.

But how exactly should you put this information to use?

Well, as the NFT landscape matures, it’s not just about understanding the past and present — it’s about leveraging this knowledge for future gains.

On that note, if you’re looking to optimize your NFT investing strategies, you’re in luck. Here are five actionable insights you should keep in mind every time you research a new NFT.

First, you want to engage deeply. After all, the most successful NFTs foster vibrant communities. So, a project’s community can help you gauge its potential and longevity. To get started, you can head over to a project’s official Discord server or X (formerly Twitter) page and begin interacting with its community members.

Second, remember that utility is the new gold. While aesthetic appeal drives many NFT projects, those that offer tangible utility stand out. As the NFT space evolves, look for projects that merge art, technology and function.

Third, you want to stay informed. The dynamism of the NFT world demands continuous learning. Regularly revisit project roadmaps, track milestones, and keep an eye out for collaborations or partnerships. A project's adaptability and commitment to its roadmap can tell you a lot about its future trajectory.

Fourth, you should diversify with caution. While diversifying your traditional portfolio is a time-tested strategy, in the NFT space, it's crucial to do so with discernment. Not all projects will stand the test of time. So, allocate your resources to projects that demonstrate a blend of innovation, community engagement and a clear vision.

And last but certainly not least, transparency matters. Projects that prioritize transparency — whether it be in their communications, tokenomics or developmental updates — often foster greater trust. Investors should gravitate toward projects that champion openness and clarity.

Navigating the NFT World Wisely

Overall, it’s evident that the world of NFTs is as diverse and dynamic as the narratives that propel them.

But as with any investment frontier, the NFT landscape demands more than just enthusiasm — it calls for discernment. After all, it's not about chasing every new project or getting swept up in the tide of hype.

It's about understanding the underlying principles that give these digital assets value: community engagement, genuine innovation, transparency and utility.

In the end, as we stand at the cusp of this digital revolution, let's remember that the true power of NFTs lies not just in the tokens themselves, but in the conversations, communities and connections they foster.

So, let's approach the world of NFTs with curiosity, caution and a commitment to understanding. The future is decentralized. And together, we'll navigate its many nuances safely and wisely.

Have you invested in NFTs? Are there any particular artists or collections that have caught your eye? Or are you looking for a place to start? Start the conversation by sending a tweet to @WeissCrypto and use the hashtag #NFT, so I and the Weiss crypto community can join in! 



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Jurica Dujmović has been a creator, collector and investor in digital art, including the rapidly evolving non-fungible tokens (NFT) space since its inception nearly a decade ago. He’s also passionate about digital currencies and writes about crypto trends, including what’s new in the Weiss Crypto Ratings, in Weiss Crypto Daily. 

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