The Memeification of Finance

by Jurica Dujmovic
By Jurica Dujmovic

Recently, the wild, sometimes puzzling world of memecoins has captured the public imagination and made waves in the larger cryptocurrency markets.

Tokens like Dogecoin (DOGE, “B”), Shiba Inu (SHIB, Not Yet Rated), and more recently, Pepe (PEPE, Not Yet Rated), have amassed significant market value … all while challenging conventional wisdom about the nature of value and investment.

But what does this memecoin phenomenon mean for the broader adoption of cryptocurrency?

Well, I am delighted to announce that I will be sharing my thoughts and insights on this topic as a guest speaker on the Seasonal Tokens Twitter Spaces event next Wednesday, June 7 at 12 p.m. EST.

But in the meantime, let’s explore memecoins together to understand what all the hype is about.

Now, the rise of memecoins is a significant social phenomenon because it illustrates the power of internet culture and social media in today’s digital age.

You see, these coins are driven primarily by social momentum, shared narratives and the strength of online communities. Essentially, they have democratized the often-inaccessible world of cryptocurrency.

With memecoins, there is a lower barrier to entry and a sense of playfulness surrounding them. So, they can attract a new wave of crypto enthusiasts who might have initially been deterred by the complexity of traditional cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the spectacle of memecoins — which seems to magically turn internet humor into actual wealth — has undoubtedly brought unprecedented attention to the crypto space.

For instance, the stories of spectacular gains from coins like PEPE — despite its apparent lack of fundamental value — have fueled dreams of instant wealth and turned many ordinary internet users into keen crypto speculators.

However, this mass attention is a double-edged sword.

Although memecoins can be a powerful magnet for new users, the "memeification" of finance might potentially trivialize the potential behind blockchain technology.

In general, this could make it harder for newcomers to appreciate the real value behind the technology.

As we have seen with PEPE and other memecoins, their value is often largely dictated by social media trends and the whims of their respective communities. This makes them inherently unstable, with the potential for significant losses as well as gains.

For every popular success story, there are countless, unreported cases of individuals who have suffered substantial losses.

Over time, this pattern of heavy losses and gains could further reinforce the public perception of the entire crypto space as a risky and volatile investment domain. Ultimately, this could hinder the long-term adoption of blockchain technologies.

Additionally, the rise of hundreds of new memecoins after the success of PEPE could lead to market saturation and dilute the impact of these tokens.

If the only clear difference between these coins is the memes behind them, then these coins could become interchangeable in the eyes of investors. Inevitably, this could cause the individual value of these tokens to plummet.

Lastly, we can’t overlook the sociocultural implications of memecoins.

Through the power of association with the memes they represent, these coins have a unique power to influence public discourse and sentiment. This is what allows them to shape how we perceive and interact with digital assets.

With this unique ability, memecoins have the potential to challenge traditional ideas of value and wealth, possibly catalyzing societal shifts in our relationship with money and investing.

Overall, the role of memecoins in fostering broader cryptocurrency adoption is a fascinating blend of social phenomena, economics and technology.

Memecoins — much like the memes they are based on — have left an indelible mark on the cryptocurrency universe. Their influence continues to shape the way we understand, interact with and envision the future of digital assets.

I’m looking forward to delving to delve deeper into this subject at the Seasonal Tokens Twitter Spaces event. During this call, I will further investigate the impact and implications of memecoins in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can join for free, so I hope to see you there!



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Jurica Dujmović has been a creator, collector and investor in digital art, including the rapidly evolving non-fungible tokens (NFT) space since its inception nearly a decade ago. He’s also passionate about digital currencies and writes about crypto trends, including what’s new in the Weiss Crypto Ratings, in Weiss Crypto Daily. 

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