Top Cryptos Make Stocks Look Sick

by Beth Canova
By Beth Canova

While the crypto market never sleeps, today is a bank holiday in the U.S., meaning the stock market is snoozing. 

And while it’s taking a break, let’s take a look at how stock performance has held up. 

In short, they’ve done very well. Last year, the S&P 500 was up 26%.

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But when compared to the always-moving crypto market, that’s a pittance of a return. 

Especially when you consider that the S&P 500 is a market cap-weighted index. 

Much of that positive performance is due to the top five stocks. This leads some investors to believe that the actual performance of the majority of stocks isn’t quite as strong.

But even if you ignore that and just compare apples to apples, crypto is still beating the pants off these TradFi offerings.

Just look at the performance of five top cryptos in the same time:

  • Bitcoin (BTC, “A-”) rose 156%, beating the market by 6-to-1.
  • Chainlink (LINK, “A-”) rose 175%, beating the market by 7-to-1.
  • THORChain (RUNE, “B-”) surged 327%, beating it by over 12-to-1.
  • Tellor (TRB, “B-”) skyrocketed 1,430%, beating it by 54-to-1.
  • And Injective (INJ, “B”) beat the S&P 112 times over.

These returns make stocks look positively sick by comparison. And it’s no wonder the demand for crypto is skyrocketing along with prices. 

These facts have triggered three urgent questions pouring in from investors all over the world:

Question No. 1. Is it too late to jump in now?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Historically, digital asset bull markets have lasted three years.

  • The first year, like 2023, is relatively tame.
  • The second year is explosive.
  • And in the third, prices truly went wild.

So don’t panic if you still haven’t set up your crypto portfolio. While there are no guarantees in investing, if history is any guide, we are now at the beginning of the second year.

Meaning, the opportunity for the best gains is still ahead of us.

Question No. 2. How much money can be made?

If you invested in Bitcoin when it began trading, you could have turned a $100 investment into roughly $70 million today.

Now, let me be clear: Bitcoin will probably never do that again. While it is a solid crypto investment, it is too big to offer those types of gains to new investors.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find outsized growth opportunities within the crypto market. 

Far from it, the opportunities — especially in a bull market like the one we’re currently in — are plentiful. 

The right lesser-known crypto projects offer new technologies and use cases that are no less innovative than Bitcoin. Meaning, they can offer the growth potential and profit opportunities that Bitcoin offered its early investors.

Question No. 3: How to determine which cryptos represent the best opportunities?

This is where many investors stumble. It can be hard to separate the diamonds in the rough from the trash. And as crypto continues to grow, there will be more trash to sort through. 

That’s why our founder, Dr. Martin Weiss, teamed up with crypto cycles expert Juan Villaverde to create an urgent briefing, 7 New Crypto Wonders..

In it, they break down exactly where we are in the bull market, and they reveal seven cryptos that have the potential to outperform Bitcoin.

I urge you to watch it while you can; it won’t be online for long.


Beth Canova

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Beth Canova is a veteran of the publishing industry, specializing in cryptocurrency-related information and guidance. As the Managing Editor of some of world’s most astute cryptocurrency experts — Juan Villaverde, Dr. Bruce Ng, Marija Matić and others — she's continually immersed, and well versed, on everything crypto.

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