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Editor’s Note: This week, the Personal Consumption Expenditures data is coming out. Historically, the Fed favors this inflation indicator over the Consumer Price Index because it reveals monthly changes in prices from businesses. Today, we are presenting a popular, recent segment to help investors profit regardless of inflation, monetary policy and pre-midterm election volatility.

It's been a wild ride for investors as of late.

We’ve seen indices swing 5%+ following the most recent inflation data and the latest rounds of speculation about what the Federal Reserve will do next.

The Fed’s next meeting is November 1–2, and the market is pricing in another 75-basis-point increase to its benchmark interest rate.

While it’s possible to see a broad rally through the end of the year, we can expect certain factors to affect the markets through the early part of 2023: growing concerns about a recession, energy concerns and geopolitical concerns over the ongoing war in Ukraine.

And there’s also what happened just three days ago. New U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned after a failed tax-cutting budget that rocked financial markets. The Bank of England was forced to intervene, enacting emergency bond-buying to help slow down the wave of government bond sell-offs.

What does this all mean for your investments? For starters, continued volatility.

That’s why I asked Gavin Magor, Director of Research & Ratings, to discuss how investors can thrive no matter what type of market conditions we’re facing.

Gavin directs a global team of research analysts and data scientists and oversees 10 separate mathematical models designed to evaluate stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and more.

He says investors have a wealth of information at their fingertips, through the proprietary Weiss Ratings:

Everything that we do is based on fact. It’s based on an independent view of things. We have our models, and we follow our models. We don’t inject our personal view into the ratings.

We look at data and patterns, and what we believe to be indicators of strength and weakness, of opportunity and risk.

We use that data to inform the public. We make them available on our website because we think that’s important. 

Gavin is the editor of All-Weather Portfolio, which aims to provide both safety and long-term profit potential with the highest-quality stocks and ETFs.

Of the nearly 13,340 stocks available to trade, the portfolio holds just a select few.

Gavin works closely with Senior Analyst and Trading Specialist Juan Villaverde, the editor of Weiss Crypto Portfolio and Weiss Crypto Investor.

Juan built the world’s first Crypto Timing Model based on cycles and is instrumental in All-Weather Portfolio.

Senior Analyst and Ratings Specialist Mandeep Rai is also a major force behind the scenes. His strategies have a proven track record of significantly outperforming the benchmarks.

Professor Al Qureiyeh specializes in “quantamental investing,” which is a combination of machine learning algorithms and fundamental analysis.

In today’s five-minute video segment, Gavin discusses the Weiss Ratings database of 52,000 companies and investments, the cutting-edge data gathered to generate models and how everyday investors can utilize this data to get ahead.

He says the idea behind the All-Weather Portfolio is to have a stable portfolio that can weather the storm during downturns and outperform during bull runs:

The portfolio is based on decades of back-testing data and looking at what will happen if you take a conservative route to see investments grow over a period of time.

It’s going to go up when times are good and if things turn around, we have a strategy that will try to protect your investments by keeping you in the strongest stocks.

You will be positioned well, no matter what happens. It will be a protection against wild swings in the market. 

I believe that with black swan events, they are but blips in the market … but they can be serious blips if you react to them incorrectly.

The best thing about this is, although we are directly involved in this, we are strictly sticking to what our modeling is providing. 

In this insightful video, Gavin and I explore:

•   The makeup of the portfolio and the timing model used.

•   Data collected over years and some of its sources.

•   A common approach to investing that can lead to wasted opportunities.

And much more.

The information in this short segment couldn’t be timelier. Just go to the video box above to watch it now.

Happy investing!

Jessica Borg
Financial News Anchor
Weiss Ratings

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