VIDEO: Make Volatility Work for You

This past Thursday was a good example of how uncertainty rules the day.

Stocks plunged at the opening bell, falling to their lowest levels since 2020, then rebounded in stunning fashion.

While market turbulence might be here for the long haul, there are ways to make all this volatility work in your favor.

Investment Analyst Nilus Mattive told me this is the type of environment that he prefers over anything else:

There’s really no shortage of opportunities in this type of market. 

In fact, I would much rather be in this type of a market than a skyrocketing, pie-in-the-sky bull market. 

You can get almost double-digit returns, not only safe returns, but ultra-safe, completely guaranteed returns.

Whether you want to be ultra-conservative, or you want to be a bit aggressive in some of the more interesting investment concepts, there are ways to make money in every type of market, no matter what.

Nilus is a widely recognized expert on income investments and retirement strategies.

He is the associate editor of Safe Money Report and Weekend Windfalls, a service focused on selling options to generate up to $1,000 in cash income each week, for members.

As coeditor of Weiss Crypto Investor, he writes about opportunities in fast-growing blockchain sectors, guiding both seasoned crypto investors and those new to the space.

In today’s four-minute video segment, Nilus outlines several winning strategies that embrace today’s volatility while prioritizing safety.

He describes alternative investments that offer a unique way for investors to participate in markets that may otherwise be closed off to them.

And he delves into the advantages of fractional ownership of assets like collectibles, cars and blue-chip non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that don’t require crypto to buy them.

Nilus believes diversification is the key to elevating your portfolio and that now is a good time to get in with so many bargains in the marketplace.

You can invest as little as $5 to $15 and see rewards later:

People will question how I can work on both Safe Money Report and Weiss Crypto Investor, since they seem like they’re on the total opposite ends of the spectrum.

My answer is that you can do both because 95% of your money can be totally conservative.

The highest degree of safety is investing across a broad spectrum of things, not just doing one thing.

It’s a time when risk-on assets have fallen in value, and as hard as it is for an investor, that’s the time to buy.

I don’t want to buy when prices are high, so making volatility work for you can be as simple as buying things when prices go down.

History shows that in almost every case, many of these markets rebound, and they rebound as strongly or more strongly.

Combine the discounted prices with the fact that you don’t have to put a lot of money into these things, and my argument is it’s a great time to speculate.

In this insightful video, Nilus discusses:

  • How fractional ownership of assets can be a game changer.
  • An inverse exchange-traded fund that profits when the market declines.
  • An expanding online platform that gives investors a stake in high-end alternative assets.

And more.

The information in this short segment couldn’t be timelier. Just go to the video box above to watch it now.

Happy investing!

Jessica Borg
Financial News Anchor
Weiss Ratings

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