VIDEO: Profit From Powerhouse Companies on Sale

Right now, the stock market is telling a story.

What kind of story? That may depend on who you are as an investor.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jon Markman, editor of The Power Elite and Weiss Technology Portfolio, says “the big moves are about narratives and what bulls have to do is recapturethe narrative, and explain why the economy is in great shape.

He compares the current state of the market to trench warfare between the bulls and the bears, each alternately winning day to day.

Jon says inflation is just a thread in the new story line this year … and not the whole story:  

The fact that GDP growth is near 7%, the fact that unemployment is falling to dramatically new levels, the fact that corporate earnings have never been better — all that is not important because bears say the only thing that’s important is inflation.

But if inflation is really a problem for the stock market, why are bond yields so low and why isn’t gold soaring? It’s a big disconnect.

I think you’re going to see over the next month and a half, the bulls will start to regain their advantage.

And by mid-year, we’ll look back and say, “What was that all about in January?”

Jon is a megatrends analyst with a focus on long-term picks, recommending when to buy high-rated stocks at steep discounts.

In The Power Elite, one of Jon’s four publications, he writes about profitable companies that dominate their niche.

Subscribers to that service are currently sitting on open gains of 146.82%, 142.45% and 126.84%.

In this special four-minute video segment, Jon delves into two powerhouse companies to invest in over the long haul. While shares in these near monopolies have dipped with the broad market, he states that “they’re on sale and will be the first to rebound.”

These operations are seemingly impervious to inflationary forces, and Jon explains why.

He says profiting from quality stocks with a proven track record is a solid narrative in every cycle:

Because bears have persuaded everybody that we’re headed for a bear market, I think it’s really time to look at some of the best franchises in the world and buy them with courage.

Even if there’s a bear market that persists over a year, two years later       you’ll say, “Wow, that was a pretty good place to buy these companies.”

In this insightful video, Jon discusses:

  • An apparel giant whose “sales are growing despite the supply-chain constraints. Their revenue is up 16% year over year.”
  • An automaker “that is unaffected by the global economy” and whose “operating margins are absolutely obscene by industry standards.”
  • The crucial “line in the sand” for investors across the board.
  • And more!

The information in this short segment couldn’t be timelier. I suggest you click here to watch it now.

Happy investing!  

Jessica Borg 
Financial News Anchor 
Weiss Crypto Ratings

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