Chris Coney

| DeFi & Crypto Educator

Chris Coney invested early in crypto and earned enough money to retire at age 36. But rather than rest on his laurels, he decided to make it his life’s mission to help average investors achieve similar success through education.  

He founded Cryptoversity, the first online platform dedicated to training courses that help users navigate the oft-murky crypto world.  

Plus, Chris launched “The Cryptoverse,” a YouTube channel where he has hosted 958 videos and interviewed 97 crypto thought leaders about projects and trends that could change the world. The Weiss crypto experts; Brendan Eich, founder of the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT); Kris Marszalek, the CEO of; Mike Maloney, the founder of; Bill Ottman, the CEO of; and many others were included.  

Today, Chris is among the world’s most experienced educators in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies overall.  He is also one of the few analysts in the world who specialize in the field of “yield farming” — hunting for the high yields now possible in the fast-growing DeFi world. 

He recently joined forces with Weiss Ratings to create the world’s first comprehensive DeFi MasterClass. It’s aimed at helping anyone with a bank account escape the low-yield traditional finance world and enter the higher-yield DeFi world.  He also created his own proprietary yield-collecting strategy for our Crypto Yield Hunter , the Sideways Siphon, to help members extract yield in their own accounts in just about any kind of market. 

Chris holds a degree in computer science and business information engineering. He is the author of “The Bitcoin Savings Plan.” And his Cryptoverse videos have received over 5 million views.  

But when asked to name the achievement he’s most proud of, he talks about his grandmother.  

“I helped my Grandma Jean move most of her pension savings from a local bank to a DeFi platform,” he responded. “She bought strictly stablecoins, designed never to fluctuate hardly at all in value. And she made 890x more interest. My intention is to help guide Weiss members to something similar, or better.” 

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