Par Value

The dollar equivalent of a share or minimum deposit required to join a credit union. Par value is determined by the board and typically ranges from $5 to $25.

Past Due Loans

Loans for which payments are at least 90 days in arrears. The institution continues to record income on these loans, even though none is actually being received, because it is expected that the borrower will eventually repay the loan in full. It is likely, however, that at least a portion of these loans will move into nonaccruing status. (Also see Non-Accruing Loans).

Phone Number

The company's phone number.

Profitability Index

A Weiss index that measures the soundness of the institution’s operations and the contribution of profits to the company’s financial strength. It is based on five sub-factors: 1) gain or loss on operations; 2) rates of return on assets and equity; 3) management of net interest margin; 4) generation of noninterest-based revenues; and 5) overhead expense management.

Weiss Ratings