Nano Cap

A company with market capitalization of less than $50 million would belong to this category. Nano Cap is a subcategory of Small Cap (see Small Cap).

Net Cash Flow

See Net Change in Cash.

Net Change in Cash

The amount of cash that went into or out of a company over a period of time and is calculated by adding all cash positions from the statement of cash flows.

Net Change in Cash (TTM)


Net Income

The net profit or loss recorded by a company. This figure includes the company’s operating profit (income from lending, investing, and fees less interest and overhead expenses) as well as non-operating items such as capital gains on the sale of securities, income taxes, and extraordinary items.

Net Income (TTM)


Net Income Available to Common Shareholders

Net income available to common shareholders are the profits remaining after the company pays all of its suppliers, employees, service providers, creditors, and preferred shareholders. The number measures common shareholders' claim on the company's cash flows.

Net Income Avl. to Common (TTM)


Net Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear fuel used by nuclear power plants in the regular course of its production activities and is not intended for sale.

Net Property, Plant & Equipment

The value of all buildings, land, furniture, and other physical capital that a company has purchased to run its business.

Normalized Basic EPS

Earnings per share adjusted for cyclical ups and downs in the economy.

Normalized Diluted EPS

A company's profit less one-time earnings, divided by both outstanding common stock and stock owed if convertible securities were to be exercised. Diluted normalized EPS is different than regular earnings per share (EPS) because it takes into account options, dividing normalized profit by more shares.

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