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A little birdie told us Musk’s Twitter purchase, while exciting, won’t affect the broad crypto market directly.
Now that Tax Day is behind us, both BTC and ETH have reclaimed support. But we’ll need to wait for more action before we can say the correction is truly behind us.
The SEC’s crusade against crypto is catching average investors in the crosshairs.
This correction isn’t unexpected, so here are the levels we’re watching closely.
Bitcoin and Ethereum have held above their previous trading ranges, spreading bullish sentiment as they eye their next resistance levels.
ETH and select altcoins are showing impressive signs of strength.
Here’s what we see in the markets ahead of the FOMC minutes.
President Biden’s long-announced executive order on crypto is finally out. And there could be more bullish promise than we anticipated buried within.
It looks like more investors are finally getting clued in that crypto is a hedge against uncertainty in times of crisis. Could that help it shake its standing as a risk asset?
These forces aren’t as opposing as you might think. In fact, they could ultimately work together to further crypto adoption.
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