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Earlier this month, Russia announced its openness to decentralized currencies. Now, Canada is proving why decentralization is a necessity.
Within 24 hours, we’ve gotten 2 headlines that give a great snapshot of the macroeconomic position of crypto in 2022.
After weeks and weeks of strong selling pressure, the crypto bears seem to be running out of steam.
As the financial world is waiting patiently for today’s FOMC meeting, the crypto market has found an opportunity to bounce.
The bulls and the bears are caught in a stalemate, begging the question: When will price action start to tell the full story?
The Fed has no authority over crypto. Still, new monetary policy has investors fleeing speculative assets, including crypto. But here’s why we think it won’t last.
The entire DeFi sector has underperformed since the spring. So LINK’s bullish moves give hope for a long overdue rally.
The market hasn’t moved much since investors turned off their monitors for the holiday week. So, our eyes are turning to BTC and ETH to give us more insight into this market.
Bitcoin looks to break above $50,000. But it’s the blue-chip altcoins that are still dominating the conversation as they push higher.
With inflation on everyone’s mind, the crypto markets are holding steady in anticipation of the Fed’s policy announcement.
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