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This week, Jurica sits down with Michael Lazerow, managing partner and co-founder of Velvet Sea Ventures, to discuss the past, present and future of crypto.
Scammers are getting smarter about how to target your crypto. Here’s their latest tactic … and how to stop it in its tracks.
I sat down with Heirloom’s head of business development to talk about the groundbreaking effect web3 will have on the sports industry.
Despite market uncertainty, there’s underlying optimism for the crypto market, at least in the short term.
Despite the current market trends, NFTs still hold promise as investments.
Juan Villaverde helps me break down why the new zkEVM is superior to previous scaling solutions, and how it could change the crypto landscape.
The recent failure of certain CeFi companies should offer a good investment opportunity in different areas of the crypto space.
There are some positives to come out of the pain centralized platforms have been feeling recently as liquidity crises spread.
Right now, assets across the board are suffering from inflation and central banks’ response to it. But that’s not always going to be the case for crypto.
The light at the end of this bearish tunnel seems to be further away. Here’s why.
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