Video: Diving Deep Into Liquidity Pools


As Juan Villaverde pointed out in his Weiss Crypto Portfolio issue yesterday, there’s been “near zero net movement” in Bitcoin (BTC, Tech/Adoption Grade “A-”) over the past week, confirming once again that we are truly in a sideways market.

That means the big capital gains the crypto space is infamous for are not on the table for the moment.

But there areother ways to earn incredible income in crypto, like through liquidity providing — the act of lending your crypto assets to a platform to support its operations. In exchange, you receive interest on your deposit as a reward.

Our Crypto Yield Hunter subscribers are using this strategy to earn 14% ... 20% ... even as much as 60% on their principal deposits at the time of writing.

That beats the pants off any bank CD or Treasury bond available today!

The key to this system is liquidity pools (LPs), where the assets of all lenders are collected. These assets are what allow decentralized platforms to operate.

If you’re new to staking — or decentralized finance (DeFi) in general — the world of LPs can be confusing. Pools are unique to each platform, and even within the same platform, different pools can operate differently.

That’s why in this week’s Sunday Special, host Chris Coney takes a deep dive with a Q&A session all about these cornerstones of liquidity providing, and how you can start using them to earn income.

In a time where capital gains aren’t seeing the return investors were hoping for, making your money work harder is essential. I suggest you watch the Q&A now.


Beth Canova
Managing Editor

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Beth Canova is a veteran of the publishing industry, specializing in cryptocurrency-related information and guidance. As the Managing Editor of some of world’s most astute cryptocurrency experts — Juan Villaverde, Dr. Bruce Ng, Marija Matić and others — she's continually immersed, and well versed, on everything crypto.

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