How to Hit Income Paydirt

by Jim Nelson
By Jim Nelson

If you have been grabbing gains in AI stocks over the past two years …

It’s probably because you’ve been acting on ideas that your Weiss Ratings experts have shared in their publications. 


But if you’re like me and prefer to balance some level of safety with your speculation, you might consider select stable yield-producing investments. And, yes, those exist!

Certainly, with interest rates still elevated, fixed-income assets offered some relief … as long as you hold those to maturity. 

The Fed signaled only one cut is likely to come this year. But it’s still coming … with more afterwards. And the market will likely beat the Fed to the punch in any event. 

So, where will we be forced to go for income when that happens? 

Your Weiss Ratings experts shared several ideas this week. We’ll recap those in just a moment. First, some context.

Here’s what the average S&P 500 company now pays in dividends …

Source: GuruFocus. Click here to see full-sized image.


Certainly, there are higher-yielding opportunities than this. But they often come with some more risk. The biggest is the inability to continue paying.

In fact, in 2023, 25 companies in the big index cut their payments. Four others suspended them completely.

So, where can you find income investments you can trust? 

Here’s what your experts say …

2 Ways to Find Yacht-Sized Yields on Dry Land

While this week’s Fed meeting signaled just one rate cut in 2024, more are coming. And income will become much harder to find. That’s why Director of Research & Ratings Gavin Magor digs into two ways to find yields no matter what the Fed does from here.

Final Step Ahead of Your Superyield Conference

To close out the crash course to get you ready for this past week’s “Superyield Conference,” Crypto Managing Editor Beth Canova lets you know how to remove the risk of hacks when you hold crypto. You can find the first two parts here and here.

3 Modern-Day Investment Lessons from Ancient Rome

The past can teach modern lessons. Sean Brodrick learned three from his recent trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum. No matter how seasoned of an investor you are, they are ones you will want to learn too.

How to Build a Bridge to ‘Superyields’

If you’ve ever crossed a bridge that charged a fee or driven on a toll road, you are familiar with the concept of this huge idea. But as Crypto Income Analyst Marija Matic notes, this special type of bridge can pay you much more than just a few dollars to cross it.

AI’s Long History & a Way to Play It

AI has been in the works for far longer than you might think. Our Tech & Biotech Investing Strategist Michael A. Robinson digs into this history … and he shares a company set to take advantage right now.

As you can see, the search for yield is on. It is a priority around here. 

That’s why Dr. Martin Weiss and this week’s contributor Marija Matic held this “Superyield Conference.”

I urge you to check it out before we take it down.

Have a great weekend!

Jim Nelson
Managing Editor, Weiss Ratings Daily

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Income expert with more than a decade’s worth of experience with recommending the sale of options and purchase of dividend stocks in financial publications. He is the associate editor of our Weekend Windfalls service and manages several of our other publications.

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