New Jobs & Market Confusion

by Jim Nelson
By Jim Nelson

The new all-time highs keep coming. We got a new one in the S&P 500 three of the five trading days this week. What does this mean for equities going forward? 

Well, that’s a matter of debate … even in our office building here at Weiss Ratings. 

You can certainly see both sides of this issue …

According to Nilus Mattive, our Safe Money expert, the market remains completely overvalued compared to historical averages. He sums that up in his article down below.

On the other hand, the expected Federal Reserve interest rate cuts — which, to the shock of no one, did not begin this week — could add even more fuel to the tech bonfire. 

Tech companies are historically linked to interest rates more than most other industries. Often, it takes piles of money — and debt — to get new technologies and innovations off the ground. 

To add to the confusion of whether we should expect a continued bull market or see a turnaround is the economic picture. 

The U.S. Department of Labor reported 353,000 new jobs last month, crushing economists’ expectation of 185,000. Wages also grew.

Though, if you dig just a little deeper, there are still concerns with all these new jobs. They appear to be shifting toward more essential sectors, leaving discretionary ones behind. Take a look at this Wall Street Journal chart:

Click here to see full-sized image.

As you can see, the number of healthcare jobs jumped more in the past six months than the previous six. Meanwhile, new leisure and hospitality positions have slowed. New retail jobs have pulled back a bit, too.

If that indicates anything about how people are spending their money, maybe the picture doesn’t look quite as great as our recent all-time highs would have us believe. 

As noted, your Weiss experts have plenty more on these topics. Here’s what they are covering right now …

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That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

Jim Nelson
Managing Editor
Weiss Ratings Daily

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