Total Assets (Safety)

The total of all assets listed on the institution’s balance sheet. This figure primarily consists of loans, investments (such as municipal and treasury bonds), and fixed assets (such as buildings and other real estate).

Overall size is an important factor which affects the company’s ability to diversify risk and avoid vulnerability to a single borrower, industry, or geographic area. Larger institutions are usually, although not always, more diversified and thus less susceptible to a downturn in a particular area. Nevertheless, do not be misled by the general public perception that “bigger is better.” Larger institutions are known for their inability to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace and can underperform their smaller brethren.

Total Deposits

Include unpaid domestic balances of money or its equivalent held by an institution as part of their everyday business. Domestic demand deposits, term deposits, interest and non-interest bearing deposits are included in this figure.

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