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Production delays and heavy competition mean that new EV companies are struggling to charge ahead.
Most corporate leaders now expect a recession as soon as next year, but the long-term outlook for tech remains very strong.
Digital transformation is alive and well, even if investors aren’t currently paying attention.
Another crypto exchange platform is on the verge of failure, and its demise is creating weakness across all asset classes.
The entire automotive sector is transitioning to electric vehicles, and the process is proving more difficult than expected.
Russia appears to be winning its war with the West, and the implications are profoundly negative for investors. But new ways to fight back are within reach.
It's an especially bad time to be a special purpose acquisition company. Its bright ideas are no longer enough, and new regulations are finally coming.
Big Tech has always had a major leg up on smaller foes … but now that dominance is becoming historically dominant.
The EV industry is being hit with major issues like supply-chain shortages, and it doesn’t look like things will charge up any time soon.
Tech sentiment is changing rapidly, and now’s the time to start looking for some undervalued gems.
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