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A gasoline tax holiday is fighting the last war because gasoline prices are already going down.
Inflation recently surged to a 40-year-high. Many investors are bracing for worse. But let me tell you something that might shock you: I think the next thing we’ll see is inflation cooling off.
Wall Street keeps looking for a bottom in tech, but the sector still has a lot of pain ahead.
It sure looks like the Federal Reserve is trying to tip America into recession. Let me explain why, and what you should be buying — and selling — right now.
Everyone’s worried about the market lately, with new forecasts that we’re heading into recession coming nearly every day. So, what should you consider buying?
In 1602, the modern stock exchange began in Amsterdam.
It’s a foregone conclusion that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next week. The question is by how much.
Everyone is talking about interest rates moving higher, but a quieter hurdle for the market is just beginning.
Oil prices are out of control, and they’re probably going to get worse.
I’ve been talking about commodities for quite some time now, but things are looking even more ripe for a bigger boom!
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