How to Best Navigate a Market in Limbo

After seeing the S&P 500 break its 200-day moving average last week and instill hopes of a newly emerging bull market, this week saw the opposite.

Broad market sell-offs resulted in the index losing 2.7% from last Friday's close through Thursday's open.

However, if the S&P can use its 50-day MA as support through the final weeks of the year, it could bounce and close north of the 200-day MA to conclude 2022.

Year-to-date chart of the S&P 500 showing its 200-day MA (orange line) and 50-day MA (blue line).Click here to view full-sized image.


This can be attributed to numerous factors, but the Federal Reserve insists that interest-rate hikes — which could potentially be smaller beginning this month — will persist longer until the central bank achieves its target of 2% consumer inflation.

To understand how to best navigate a market in limbo, here are this week's top stories from your favorite Weiss Ratings experts.

VIDEO: We're in Economic Limbo; Take Advantage

It's a market priced for perfection heading into a less-than-perfect period. In this segment, Investment Analyst Nilus Mattive and Financial News Anchor Jessica Borg discuss a range of profitable Safe Money strategies, like high-interest bonds and tax-loss harvesting, along with the FTX collapse.

Bet on Proven Winners Amid Fed Uncertainty

With inflation likely peaking, investors are hopeful that the Fed will finally slow its aggressive rate-hike campaign. We will have to wait until later this month to find out, but regardless, Senior Analyst Sean Brodrick shows how investors can set themselves up with dividend-paying stocks in strong sectors.

VIDEO: Market Minute with Kenny Polcari

Yesterday, one key piece of macroeconomic data was released: the Producer Price Index. Kenny Polcari, host of Wealth & Wisdom, breaks down the implications for the PPI and how it is affecting manufacturers — and consumers — in this week's edition of Market Minute.

This Global Healthcare Is a Powerhouse

The great thing about established consumer health brands is their reliable cash flow. This week, Senior Editor Tony Sagami reports on a 159-year-old company that is as groundbreaking today as it was in 1863.

Semiconductors Will Rule the Future

Semiconductor investors are wrong to worry about rising geopolitical tensions. Deglobalization and energy transition will be a boon for the chip sector. Pulitzer Prize winner Jon D. Markman discusses how deglobalization and reshoring are enormous opportunities for both tech companies and investors.

2022's Inverted Yield Curves Could Spell Trouble

The bond market is trying to tell us something. But like most investment concepts this year, the message is open to interpretation. Analyst Kenny Polcari explains what 2022's inverted yield curves mean for the possibility of recession in 2023.

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