Kelly Green

| Research Analyst

Kelly Green earned her bachelor’s degree in economics, and then completed her Series 7 and 66 licenses.

She has worked in the financial publishing industry for eight years where she specialized in income and options.

Kelly was additionally an editor for an income newsletter with over 35,000 readers. At Weiss, she manages research processes and is a regular contributor to the Weiss Ratings Daily Briefing.

Kelly Green's Articles
As investors sell off, I’m looking for companies I’ve wanted to add … but that have been too expensive in recent months.
I remember doing well with certificates of deposit (CDs) when I was a kid. And who doesn’t want to watch their savings grow? But it takes 5 years just to get 1% on a CD!
Investors have quickly moved from greed to fear, but I’m not worried because I’m using ratings changes to guide the way.
When I’m looking for investments, I frequently look in industries and product areas that people can’t live without. Condiments are just that, and many of them are publicly traded.
There will always be a difference of opinion, and the news will always amplify it … but at the end of the day, where should you put your money?
As I’ve previously mentioned, earnings seasons are some of my favorite times of the year. So, I’m keeping a close eye on the earnings changes right now … both the sliders and the climbers.
I’ve got the automotive industry on my brain today. And even though I personally don’t want an EV, as an investor, I cannot ignore this consumer trend.
Earnings season means more updated data about all the companies that I follow. It also means that we will see ratings changes as the model gets more data from our data suppliers.
Today, I wasn’t interested in ratings. Instead, I wanted to see how far some of our favorite pandemic stocks have fallen over the last year.
We’re seeing more companies with higher ratings. So today, I wanted to take a moment and see what the highest ratings look like as we move into 2022.
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