Inception Date

The date on which the fund began its operations. The commencement date indicates when a fund began investing in the market. Many investors prefer funds with longer operating histories. Funds with longer histories have longer track records and can thereby provide investors with a more long-standing picture of their performance.

Institutional Only

This indicates if the fund is offered to institutional clients only (pension funds, mutual funds, money managers, insurance companies, investment banks, commercial trusts, endowment funds, hedge funds, and some hedge fund investors).

Investment Rating

The Weiss rating measured on a scale from A to F based on each fund’s risk and performance. (See Rating Definitions).

Investment Recommendation

The Investment recommendation

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

The first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPOs are often made by smaller, younger companies seeking the capital to expand, but can also be done by large privately owned companies looking to become publicly traded.

Weiss Ratings