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All eyes are on Nexo to see if it can survive the FTX contagion.
The aftershocks of FTX are still shaking up the crypto market.
When the doom and gloom from the FTX collapse fades, the strength of DeFi will remain.
But volatility is expected soon as we prepare for the next Fed rate hike.
Is this the real deal, or just a fake out?
Bitcoin is on the verge of a bullish breakout from its descending channel.
Despite the threat of additional pressure on the crypto market, BTC has shown more strength than stocks lately.
Bitcoin has been in a tight range, and its only gotten tighter. The question now is when it’ll finally break out, and which way it’ll go.
Macro conditions weigh down on the broad economy, but Ethereum still outperforms as Bitcoin remains in its trading range,
It’s been a red day for crypto as all eyes turn to focus on the Fed and its anticipated rate hike announcement later this week.
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