3 Steps to Maximize Your Profits This Altseason

by Bruce Ng
By Bruce Ng

I wrote a bit about altcoin season — or altseason — last week. 

As a quick reminder, that’s when Bitcoin (BTC, “A”) stops leading the market and other coins outperform. 

While the memecoin and AI sectors are pumping to kingdom come at the moment, I don’t think this is the start of the real altseason just yet. 

This chart marks the differences between a true altseason … and just one or two sectors doing well while Bitcoin still leads …

Click here to see full-sized image.


So, what’s holding altseason back? Well, mostly Bitcoin. 

That’s because BTC cut through resistance at $69,000 like a knife through butter over the weekend. As I write, it is trading at $72,000. 

Remember, BTC can still do well in an altseason. But it does have to relinquish market dominance. 

Figure 1: BTC.D Click here to see full-sized image.


As I pointed out last week, BTC.D topped out at 55%. If BTC.D continues to trade below 55%, we are right on track for altseason

So, things are definitely moving in the right direction. But BTC needs to cede control a little more. 

Additionally, it needs to pull back from its all-time high and trade sideways for a bit. That will give altcoins the room they need to kick things into high gear.

But I think that when it comes, it will be explosive. 

When Will Altseason Occur?

I think we are really close. Let’s look at TOTAL3. Remember, that’s the total crypto market cap minus BTC and Ethereum (ETH, “B”)

Figure 2: TOTAL3. Click here to see full-sized image.


TOTAL3 now sits at $724 billion. I think we get a full-blown altseason when TOTAL3 blows through its old resistance of $836 billion. 

This could occur this or next week, if the current trend continues. 

But while we wait, there are still plenty of amazing profit opportunities in altcoins. The trick is finding the best ones. 

So here are three steps you can take now to maximize your profits in the coming altseason:

  1. Identify the strongest sectors/narratives pre-altseason and buy them. We can still make a lot of money, altseason or no, in these sectors. Just look at memecoins and AI coins over the past month.

    I wrote previously which narratives I’ll be watching this bull market here.

  2. Hold these sectors through into altseason and until the end of it.
  3. Sell altcoins at the end of a parabolic advance. (And don’t worry; I’ll be showing you how to identify a “parabolic advance” next week.) 

These steps may seem simple. And if you’re already familiar with doing your own research to determine which cryptos to target once you’ve narrowed down a sector, they likely are simple.

But if you’re looking for a little more guidance — altseason or no altseason — then I recommend you check out the New Crypto Wonders newsletter that I co-edit with Juan Villaverde. 

In New Crypto Wonders, our methodology involves:

  • Identifying promising narratives and timing them.
  • Identifying the best altcoins of each narrative with a focus on portfolio diversification.
  • Sending members immediate alerts with desirable entries and exits to maximize profits. 

I’ll have more information about New Crypto Wonders for you soon. But in the meantime, you can read more about it here.

And shoot us a xeet — formerly a tweet — letting us know what narrative or sector you believe will outperform this alt season by tagging us @weisscrypto on X. 


Dr. Bruce Ng

About the Contributor

Dr. Bruce Ng is a literal rocket scientist who was among the first to write about DeFi. Today he applies the same mathematics and scientific methods to the crypto space to discover the world’s most promising, and potentially most profitable, altcoins.

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