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After its historic red run, Bitcoin finally closed last week with a green candle. Here’s where it can go next.
Bitcoin has finally started decoupling from the equities markets. But will this last?
Bitcoin has been trading in a tight trading range. But assets can’t consolidate forever, and all eyes are scanning for the catalyst that could kick it either higher or lower.
It’s only been 1 week, but we can already see the ways the market is recovering — and changing — in the aftermath of LUNA’s collapse.
In light of the recent hacks over the weekend, I’m sharing a few simple tips and tricks for keeping yourself — and your assets — safe.
Assets across the board are getting pulled down in the market-wide weakness, but my attention was immediately drawn to the drama happening with the largest decentralized stablecoin and its native netw
BTC bounced off support over the weekend, but it’s still facing downside pressure ahead of the next FOMC meeting.
Both BTC and ETH are trying to reclaim previous support.
The crypto market may look bearish in the short term, but a spot-price ETF could make it crazy bullish in the long term.
Here’s why I suspect BTC’s support of $45,500 will hold.
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