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There was once a magic money tree that bloomed in never-never land. It bore fruit of golden apples and silver pears all year round. No one wanted for money as they could pluck gold and silver from...
Inflation’s impact on stocks, the Fed’s plans for 2022 and soaring assets. Jessica Borg interviews Senior Editor Tony Sagami to find out what’s in store for investors in the new year.
“Double dipping” is frowned upon at dinner parties. But as an investor, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with financial “double dipping.” In terms of investing, it’s a great way to generate...
There is no greater Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist than Anthony Pompliano — “Pomp” to his million-plus followers on Twitter (NYSE: TWTR). Bitcoin maximalists believe Bitcoin “is the only digital asset...
Today, I have a gentle reminder about government overreach.
With everything that happened after the FOMC meeting and the data that’s emerged, it’s clear we’re already in a recession. What we need to understand is how bad it’ll be.
The S&P 500 lost 20.6% in the first half of 2022, its worst start to ANY year since 1970 when the Beatles disbanded, Nixon was in office & the crew of Apollo 13 aborted their mission to the moon.
That’s a famous quote from Joseph Heller’s satirical novel, Catch-22, and it’s worth keeping in mind.
For retail investors, that sentiment probably isn’t shared. But there are plenty of proactive approaches you can take to protect your portfolio amid this market’s wild swings.
Yes, fraternity friends and I should have drunk less beer and spent more time at the library during college; that’s true. It’s also true that everyone in my closest circle went on to become very...
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