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by Jordan Chussler
By Jordan Chussler

The great American shopping spree may finally be coming to an end.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the most recent retail sales figures.

Consumer spending declined 0.4% in February compared to January, when it rose a staggering 3.2% from December 2022.

According to the data, in February:

  • Americans spent about 2% less on cars and car parts.
  • They spent 2.2% less at restaurants and bars.
  • And spending at department stores dipped 4%.

But do you know where people didn’t slow down their spending? The supermarket.

In fact, people spent 0.6% more at grocery stores.

Wants Vs. Needs

This shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as consumer staples are inelastic in demand and entail what people need, not what they want.

In an ongoing inflationary environment that has seen a record eight consecutive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, discretionary spending was eventually going to give way.

It’s notable that over the past month, all 11 of the S&P 500 sectors are in the red. However, it’s consumer staples that’s slipped the least, with a -1.36% loss compared to the financials sector’s -15.17% slide.

One-month performance of the S&P 500’s consumer staples sector (blue line) vs. the financials sector (orange line).
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Unsurprisingly, this has been reflected in the Weiss ratings.

Of the 16 highest-rated companies, six are leveraged to food, including grocery store chains like “B+”-rated Ingles Market (IMKTA) with its 0.74% dividend yield and Weis Markets (WMK) with its 1.66% yield, and “A-”-rated pizza chain owner and operator Pizza Pizza Royalty (PZA.TO) and its 4.24% yield.

Depending on where you live, those companies may not be household names. However, these others undoubtedly are:

  • General Mills (GIS), 2.69% dividend yield, rated “B+”
  • The Hershey Company (HSY), 1.7% dividend yield, rated “B+”
  • The J. M. Smucker Company (SJM), 2.67% dividend yield, rated “B+”

Like I wrote last week in my column, “Stop Sleeping on Hospital Stocks,” there are certain things people will always need: Medicine. Electricity. Food.

As an investor, neglecting to represent their corresponding sectors — healthcare, utilities and consumer staples — in your portfolio is dismissive of safety-rated profit potential.

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