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The Fed insists on consistent, albeit smaller interest-rate hikes until it achieves its consumer inflation target. How to play this scenario?
Despite ongoing interest rate hikes and consumer inflation, strong Black Friday numbers provide hope for a Santa Claus rally this month.
When the S&P last challenged its 200-day moving average — the threshold of a bull-bear market —it failed and went on to lose 16%.
The S&P 500 rallied 5% following the midterms, but stocks sold off sharply after more tough talk from the Fed.
Being able to separate fact from opinion will make you a more informed investor. And informed investors are better investors.
Consumer inflation in October was 7.7%, down from 8.2% in September. This comes after the Dow posted its strongest October in history.
As interest rates increase, there’s a direct correlation to decreased consumer demand for purchases that require financing.
Analysts will have to pump the brakes on recession talk after a strong GDP report.
The market found a short-term bottom as stocks rallied early this week. But by Wednesday, it reversed.
With holiday season around the corner, big-box retailers can gift your portfolio strong returns.
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