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Crypto stabilized over the past several days, with the broad market in a tighter range since the May sell-off.
The crypto markets have taken a beating this week, but market leaders are making small showings of strength.
Crypto, technology stocks and other risk assets sold off after the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday of raising interest rates 50 basis points.
It looks unlikely that crypto will decouple from tech stocks this week as both fall to pressure stemming from the Fed policies.
The markets consolidated this week as selling pressure fizzled and new upside momentum has yet to be found.
Bullish and bearish forces are once again at war over the market. So, for now, we’re stuck moving sideways.
Here are the key levels we’re looking at to determine the market’s next moves.
The one bearish headline this week barely made a dent in this rally’s momentum.
The two market leaders are at a crossroads.
Trading over the week was muted but showed some positive signs for the short term.
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