Energy & Metal Ideas for the New Year

This year wasn’t the kindest to investors.

The level of volatility, uncertainty surrounding the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, intermittent broad sell-offs and decades-high inflation all contributed to many of you receiving market-induced whiplash.

But as the year winds down, there are plenty of bright spots that give us hope for better things ahead in 2023.

Among them:

•   We saw the S&P 500 rally after hitting its year-to-date low in mid-October.

•   The energy sector’s strength in 2022 — amid other factors — suggest the energy bull will continue into next year.

•   And precious metals like gold and silver rallied towards year-end.

So today, I’d like to focus on those last two points and share a handful of recent Wealth Wave issues that explain why I’m bullish on oil and gas, as well as silver and gold.

The Energy Bull Hiding in Plain Sight

Wall Street thinks energy’s bull run is over, but I think they’re wrong. Here’s one exchange-traded fund that investors should consider to taking advantage of the next leg up.

1 Gold Chart That Rules Them All

Precious metals have trounced other commodities recently. Since a recent bottom in September, gold miners tracked by one ETF are up 27.5%! Here’s how you can play it.

3 Reasons Silver Is About to Soar

On Oct. 25, I wrote an article, "Silver Rally in 3 … 2 … 1!" Since then, silver is up about 20%, and silver miners are tracking the metal closely. But buddy, you ain't seen nothin' yet! When silver blasts off, it can run to the moon.

Ring in Holiday Oil Profits

Despite oil tumbling lower in the second half of 2022, I believe the bottom is close. I also believe oil is about to pick itself up and charge higher. I’ll give you three reasons why and I’ll give you one great way to play it.

Let Your Gold Flag Fly

Precious metals rallies recently! From Nov. 4–14, gold rallied nearly 9%. From Oct. 27–14, silver rallied more than 21%. So is the rally over? Don't believe it for a second.

Look for more of the same as we turn the calendar in a few days. As usual, I’ll share those opportunities as they arise.

And if you’d like my tailored picks in energy and metals, join members of my trading service, Wealth Megatrends, who are sitting on handfuls of double-digit gains while being paid hefty dividends in almost all positions.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration and that 2023 brings you great things.

Best wishes,


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