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European regulators are once again coming after big U.S. tech companies. Some say it’s the beginning of the end for them … Not so fast.
It’s bigger than the metaverse and internet combined. It’s also potentially a huge opportunity for investors if they understand the ramifications.
With ecommerce sales hitting annual records year after year, Shopify is in a uniquely qualified position to thrive.
The world is more connected than ever before, but in times of war, that can be a negative … and it’s creating a huge opportunity for this cyber-defense superstar.
New COVID-19 lockdowns in China will have a big impact on big tech manufacturers in the region … but there are ways for investors to get ahead of this trend.
With gas prices surging, you’d think GM’s new luxury EV SUV announcement would be huge news … but it’s actually going to be a major problem for the company.
The war in Ukraine is shrinking the world. Deglobalization, an anathema only a decade ago, is a big new opportunity for investors.
Bullish sentiment hasn’t increased as many were expecting so far in 2022 … but savvy new investment ideas in digital transformation winners have.
Google has wisely searched for more security and growth for its cloud division, and it looks like profits are on the near horizon.
Although EVs are the future of transportation, manufacturers face daunting hurtles, and many players are way overvalued at present levels.
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