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The CPI numbers are grossly understating the true rate of inflation ... it’s really much, much worse than the government wants us to believe.
How would you like to receive a year-end bonus of 30 times your annual salary? That’s exactly what happened to employees of COSCO Shipping, China’s largest transoceanic shipping company.
Consumers tend to take the trucking industry for granted … but it’s the real backbone of our entire economy, and the investment opportunities stretch for miles and miles.
History indicates the Fed’s tapering won’t jolt the markets ... and with earnings season here, expectations suggest a rally.
My favorite thing about New Year’s Day is the dinner table talk. One of the liveliest conversations this year was about the failure of Congress to pass the Build Back Better plan.
The meaning of the holiday season has dramatically changed for me over the years. Now the holidays have become more of a state of mind.
I’m too old and fat to sit on Santa’s lap, but even if I could, the only things I really want — happiness and good health for my family and friends — he can’t give me.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell said just two weeks ago that “Inflation will move down significantly over the next year,” but he finally admitted it’s a big problem … and worse yet, it will be around for a lo
My father never made much money, but his farmland steadily grew in value. In fact, farmland has been one of the best long-term investments on the planet.
Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday season. But in 2022, when the holidays are over, these trends will still be relevant.
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